Strive To Survive Ark

Community Update #2

We’re about 8 days into our first beginner’s cycle and as planned here are some important information for you to prepare for the upcoming merge into our Main-Cluster.

PickUp Gun

With the upcoming restart of our Beginner-Cluster servers we’ll be adding the HG PickUp Gun to allow you to pickup your placed structures and get them ready for upload.

Transfer Window

Starting Friday, 06th March 2020, at 8pm UTC we’ll be opening the transfers to our Main-Cluster.
The transfer window will close Sunday, 8th March 2020, at around 23pm UTC. Server’s will be shutdown after that time and be wiped to prepare for Beginner Cycle 2.

What about Beginner’s becoming actual Main-Servers

We’ve decided to NOT make the current Beginner-Cluster part of the Main-Cluster. However we’ll keep that option open for future Beginner Cycle’s in case they have a unusually high population.

Console Servers

We’re still in contact with Nitrado, however we’re getting closer to actually getting everything up and ready for launch. It’s important for us to make sure we’re getting a decent infrastructure and having the chance to add our custom built firewall infront of the console servers to prevent them from being attacked. Nitrado’s history – specially for console servers – and their vulnerability let us choose this path instead of just renting them on their website.

That being said, we’re most likely looking into another 2-3 days to get everything ready and setup. We’re also aiming to release on a friday, therefore the current estimated launch date would be Friday, 13th March.